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Meet The Pet Pal

 Trusted Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Petpal J Mayse with dog pal

My name is Cindy J. Mayes and I locally own and operate J. Mayes Pet Pal Services in Langley, BC. Animals have always been a presence and a passion  in my life since I can remember. Growing up in a family of avid animal lovers, I have been exposed to the care and relations with animals throughout my life and have never been without an animal companion. I have cared for and loved the smallest of critters such as  hamsters and guinea pigs to cats and dogs of all sizes. Presently I am owned by a very sweet Pomeranian dog Ozzie who brings me the utmost joy each and every day.

J. Mayes Pet Pal Services was born from my passion and dreams to work with animals on a daily basis and thus began operating in early 2004. Since then I have cared for hundreds of pets in the comfort of their own  home.

So the next time you are planning to go away or just require some assistance with the care of your pets and wondering who can help, why not call J. Mayes Pet Pal Services. I would be delighted to be your pet’s pal at any time.

Our Philosophy

Providing Quality Care When You Can’t Be There

I recognize the demand for quality service when dealing with a client’s important pet members of the family. J. Mayes Pet Pal Services is dedicated to upholding those standards, providing for you and most importantly for your pets honest, reliable and loving  care when you can’t be there. Thus leaving you with peace of mind while you are away.